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How charcoal toothbrushes work?

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

There’s a massive difference between the charcoal used for your outdoor grill and the activated charcoal that’s being implanted into the bristles .

Charcoal, in and of itself, is actually carbon. When compressed into the charcoal that you may already know, the absorptive properties of the carbon is lost’and you end up with an effective way to cook your hamburgers.

However, when oxygen is introduced into charcoal, that charcoal becomes activated. On a microscopic level, activated charcoal holds millions of active sites that are ready and prepared to absorb a host of different acids and bacteria.

The health industry has taken note of the properties of activated charcoal, and the substance is now being utilized to advance and develop many products designed to improve your health and well being’and this includes the infusion of charcoal into toothbrushes.

Zebra Woo added charcoal to the floss and infused bristles with this natural product. We are all about being natural.


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